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Distance Learning in MoD RS and SAF 2016 Regional Conference held

The sixth and the first Regional Conference "Distance learning in the MoD and SAF 2016" was held on 17 November 2016 in the amphitheater of the Center for Simulation and Distance learning, School of National Defense, Military Academy. The meeting was opened by the Rector of the University of Defence General-Major Mladen Vuruna.

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With the results, activities and development plans in the field of distance learning, the participants were met head of the School of National Defense Colonel Miroslav Talijan and Head of the Center for Simulation and Distance learning Colonel Goran Simic, who said that, with more than 150 courses and other e-materials, with more than 2000 users from the defense system of Serbia and 300 users from 61 countries of the world, a platform for Distance Learning MOD and SAF represents a respected resource and Center for simulation and distance learning unit respected system of military education and training.

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Representatives of Norway, summarizing past activities, pointed out that thanks to many years of successful projects, distance learning and acquiring the status of a partner center in the context of the Initiative for advanced distributed, Center for Simulation and Distance Learning Schools of National Defense was recognized as a key resource for the establishment a regional cooperation in the field of distance learning. 

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Participants from the region (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia) presented their systems of military training and education, with special emphasis on the context of distance learning and expressed readiness to support the Regional Project of Distance Learning.

In addition, at the meeting were presented the new software tools for the development of e-materials and new methods of co-creating e-content to the desktop, smartphone and tablet platform, increasing the productivity of production e-courses.

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The event was attended by 119 participants, of which 11 were foreign guests.