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Certificates of course completion 2015

Uverenja2015-1 On December 25 2015, at 12.00 in the central hall of the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning of the Military Academy certificates were presented to members of the Ministry of Defense who have successfully completed courses to use the platform of distance learning. Middle level course in 2015 was attended by 13 students, advanced level course was attended by 1 teacher from the Military Academy.

The event was attended by 2 students from the Military Intelligence Agency, 5 students from the Department for the development of psychological activities of the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry of Defense, 6 students from the Military Academy and the teachers of the Center for Simulation and distance learning headed by Colonel Goran Simic.

Head of the Centre welcomed all those present, presented a brief analysis of the training in the use of the platform for distance learning in 2015 and expressed satisfaction with the course participants are extremely conscientious and thorough access to these trainings.

Participants pointed out that they felt comfortable during training, that training was very interesting and that they have ready-made ideas to apply acquired knowledge in their daily work by creating courses in their area of expertise.

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