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"Distance Learning in MoD RS and SAF" Conference held in Topcider

"Distance Learning in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Armed Forces – 2011” Conference was held in the Club of the Serbian Armed Forces in Topcider, on 15 November 2011.

The Conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, professors from all departments of the Military Academy and numerous guests.

On behalf of the Minister of Defense, State Secretary Igor Jovicic, welcoming participants and guests, opened the Conference.  He spoke about the importance of continuing education of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

- Developing the platform for distance learning, we have provided, practically, the same conditions for career-long education, and later on, for all professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces, wherever they are, in educational centers, barracks, or in peacekeeping operations around the world. This is the crown of five year long efforts of the Ministry of Defence of Serbia in the implementation of Distance Learning Project, which we, based on agreements on bilateral cooperation in the field of defence systems, realized with the support of the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, said State Secretary Igor Jovicic.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway, Defence Attaché Colonel Esben Aass addressed to the participants of the Conference, and expressed satisfaction with the achieved results of the Distance Learning Project and intention of Norway to support such projects in the future.

On behalf of Brigadier General Mladen Vuruna, Colonel Boban Djorovic welcomed the participants of the Conference and expressed satisfaction with the fact that now the Serbian Armed Forces have their own "virtual academy" that will enable the professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the field, therefore, outside the city and learning centers, to attend lessons, to use educational literature, tutorials with teachers and interactive exam preparation at the time when their schedule allows them so and when it suits them.

Major Atle Svendsen, Distance Learning Project Coordinator on behalf of the Norwegian University of Defence, presented the experience of Norway and NATO in the application of modern information technologies in education. On this occasion, he stressed the importance of teamwork, standardization of procedures and exchange of knowledge and experience, as do Norway and Serbian sides, and expressed readiness to intensify cooperation and any assistance.

Professor Vladan Devedžić, PhD, from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, Dragan Domazet, PhD, professor, rector and founder of the Metropolitan University and Daniela Scepanovic, MA, representative of the Ministry of Education and Science spoke about the current situation and future of distance learning at state and private universities in the Republic of Serbia.

Colonel Professor Predrag Romic, PhD, Head of the Department for Education and Scientific Activities at the Military Medical Academy presented the possibilities of application of distance learning in education and training process of medical staff in the Ministry of Defence of Serbia and in a figurative way showed the importance of an expert assistance to medical personnel in the field in crisis situations.

Hosts of the Conference, Lieutenant Colonel Goran Simic, Head of the Simulation and Distance Learning Center and Coordinator of Distance Learning Project, Major Zoran Jeremic, presented a platform for distance learning and existing courses which are accessible to all members of the defence system and pointed out that official opening of this highly sophisticated platform enables efficient implementation of interactive courses at different levels of undergraduate and master studies at the Military Academy.

In the discussion session of the Conference it was found an exceptional interest of all participants and especially from the defence system of the Republic of Serbia. They also outlined a number of compliments, comments and suggestions, by which the importance of e-learning gained new momentum and implementers of the Distance Learning Project a new impetus.