Distance Learning in MoD RS and SAF 2016 Regional Conference held

The sixth and the first Regional Conference "Distance learning in the MoD and SAF 2016" was held on 17 November 2016 in the amphitheater of the Center for Simulation and Distance learning, School of National Defense, Military Academy. The meeting was opened by the Rector of the University of Defence General-Major Mladen Vuruna.

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With the results, activities and development plans in the field of distance learning, the participants were met head of the School of National Defense Colonel Miroslav Talijan and Head of the Center for Simulation and Distance learning Colonel Goran Simic, who said that, with more than 150 courses and other e-materials, with more than 2000 users from the defense system of Serbia and 300 users from 61 countries of the world, a platform for Distance Learning MOD and SAF represents a respected resource and Center for simulation and distance learning unit respected system of military education and training.

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Representatives of Norway, summarizing past activities, pointed out that thanks to many years of successful projects, distance learning and acquiring the status of a partner center in the context of the Initiative for advanced distributed, Center for Simulation and Distance Learning Schools of National Defense was recognized as a key resource for the establishment a regional cooperation in the field of distance learning. 

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Participants from the region (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia) presented their systems of military training and education, with special emphasis on the context of distance learning and expressed readiness to support the Regional Project of Distance Learning.

In addition, at the meeting were presented the new software tools for the development of e-materials and new methods of co-creating e-content to the desktop, smartphone and tablet platform, increasing the productivity of production e-courses.

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The event was attended by 119 participants, of which 11 were foreign guests.


Certificates of course completion 2015

Uverenja2015-1 On December 25 2015, at 12.00 in the central hall of the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning of the Military Academy certificates were presented to members of the Ministry of Defense who have successfully completed courses to use the platform of distance learning. Middle level course in 2015 was attended by 13 students, advanced level course was attended by 1 teacher from the Military Academy.

The event was attended by 2 students from the Military Intelligence Agency, 5 students from the Department for the development of psychological activities of the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry of Defense, 6 students from the Military Academy and the teachers of the Center for Simulation and distance learning headed by Colonel Goran Simic.

Head of the Centre welcomed all those present, presented a brief analysis of the training in the use of the platform for distance learning in 2015 and expressed satisfaction with the course participants are extremely conscientious and thorough access to these trainings.

Participants pointed out that they felt comfortable during training, that training was very interesting and that they have ready-made ideas to apply acquired knowledge in their daily work by creating courses in their area of expertise.

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ADL conference 2015

ADL15-1 Centre for Simulation and Distance Learning, National Defense School, Military Academy organized fifth expert debate on distance learning at the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, which was attended by around eighty members of the administration, organizational units and institutions of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defence of The Kingdom of Norway, cooperant in several years of e-learning success. This year's conference was regional in nature because it was attended by representatives of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Slovenia.

At the start of expert discussion participants were welcomed by the Head of the Military Academy Major General Goran Zekovic, who opened the meeting stressing out the importance of implementation of distance learning in Serbian MoD and SAF.

ADL15-2 According to participants, this is the most successful professional conference on distance learning over the past five years.

Based on preliminary discussions with representatives of the armed forces from the region, it was concluded that there are great opportunities for regional cooperation on the issue of distance learning.

The quality of training in the use of the platform for distance learning has been recognized and verified by all members of the MoD and SAF. This is evidenced by the increasing number of high-quality electronic courses individually crafted by trainees. These courses show that the training is at a high level, since they used the advanced multimedia tools beyond the platform of distance learning.

ADL15-3 In gratitude to a long-term quality cooperation and the results achieved in the field of distance learning, Head of the Military Academy delivered Certificate of Appreciation and a plaque for the 60th anniversary of the School of National Defense to Mr. Atle Svendsen, Project Coordinator.



ADL conference 2015 - Announcement

Electronic materials available remotely, interactive courses, computer simulations are just some of the new facilities widely used in modern armies. Achieving a better, or maintaining established quality of teaching and training in less time and with less material cost is the basic motivation for the use of high-tech solutions in the process of military education and training. Besides a number of other measures, thanks to many years of successful projects on distance learning and the introduction of constructive simulation system of military education and training, Republic of Serbia is ranked among the countries that can quickly respond to defense and security threats of the modern world.
The reason for this conference is to inform the stakeholders of the functions of planning and implementation of training and education in the Serbian MoD and AF with the results of implementation and ongoing activities of the Project introduction of distance learning, as well as future plans for the development of distance learning in Serbian MoD and AF.
This type of education should enable elders to continue their education after completing their training by the end of their professional career, with minimal absence from work.
For us it is five years experience in the use of the Platform for distance learning, which allows all the subjects of training and education to take advantage of new technologies to reduce their own costs while maintaining and improving quality. Center for Simulation and Distance Learning for more than two years has been conducting courses for teachers to make the best possible use of the platform for e-learning, enhance their teaching and make more ​​direct contact with their students and cadets.
Results of courses for the use of the distance learning platform, in which teachers and training providers became capable of using different didactical and pedagogical strategies in the creation of teaching materials, and who have mastered the software to produce interactive multimedia content will be presented at the conference.
In addition, in 2015 we continued a mobile learning, as one of the new concepts of e-learning, which provides access to educational resources that have been tailored for smart-phones and tablet-computers and can be accessed from any point on the globe.
The objectives set:
➢ Understanding the current state of the project "Learning in Serbian MoD and AF,
➢ Understanding of project results,
➢ Introduction to the plans for the period 2014 - 2016,
➢ Introduction to the application of distance learning in foreign armies,
➢ Consideration of wider regional cooperation.


Norwegian delegation visit

NVA_Svi A there-member delegation from the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Norway visited the Center for Simulation and distance learning in order to gain insight into the implementation of distance learning project in Mod RS and SAF. The delegation was led by Rear Admiral Louise Dedichen, head of Norwegian National Defense College, accompanied by military attaché, Colonel Tore Anderson and Mr. Atle Svendsen, ADL project coordinator.

The delegation was welcomed by colonel Goran Simic who presented the accomplishments regarding the project of distance learning made in the past and spoke about future plans for the Centre. Members of the delegation expressed their satisfaction with what has been achieved on this project.

It has been concluded that there are plenty of possibilities for continuation of successful cooperation on ADL even after the current project ends due to the end of 2016.



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One of the reasons for starting the distance learning project is the fact that the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army are required to fulfill new missions and tasks concerning defense.

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We think that collaboration and partnership with other high education institutions in Serbia and partners from other countries and armies is the key to the project’s success.

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