Delegation from The Kingdom of Norway at Military Acedemy

Zajedno_Hol A three-member delegation from the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway visited the Center for Simulation and distance learning in order to gain insight into the implementation of distance learning project in Mod RS and SAF. The delegation was led by the Deputy Director General of Department of Security Policy of Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway, Nina Borgen Bakkevoll. The delegation was welcomed by Colonel Goran Simic, Chief of the Centre for Simulation and Distance Learning, who presented the accomplishments regarding the project of distance learning made in the past and spoke about future plans for the Centre. Members of the delegation expressed their satisfaction with what has been achieved on this project and were interested in the way of distance learning application in the RS MoD as well as the possibility of producing bilingual electronic courses for distance learning, in both Serbian and English language.



50 years of IT service

DSC08591 On february 21st, the formal ceremony held in "Topcider" celebrated The Day of the IT department and a half-century of its existence in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army. The ceremony was also attended by Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army General Ljubisa Dikovic.

Welcoming the guests, head of the Telecommunications and IT department in Serbian General Staff, Brigadier General Predrag Simovic, referred to the development of this service in our army from the earliest days to the present, noting that IT was always in function of a better position of command and control.

He also pointed out that the development of new technologies has introduced new challenges, like wars in cyber space that knows no boundaries and no time limit.

The ceremony was also an opportunity of awarding plaques and thank active and retired members of the service, as well as associates in the civil sector.

Members of the IT service mark 21st February as a day of remembrance of the same date in 1963. when the Sixth department of Yugoslav Armed Forces General Staff was formed.



Promotion of trained e-learning teachers

Svi On Friday, 11th January 2013, first generation of trained e-learning teachers was promoted. The event took place at the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning (Military Academy), starting at 10.30 in the presence of 17 teachers from the Military Academy and the Department of Training and Doctrine (General Staff) and 4 members of ADL center.

After giving welcoming speech, colonel Goran Šimić (head of the center) awarded Certificates of Completion  for "Training the teachers in using the platform for distance learning" course to the teachers. During last year 28 teachers have successfuly completed this course and became eligible for the "Teacher of electronic courses - intermediate level" license. Training will be continued in 2013 and as long as there are needs for such type of teachers in MoD and Serbian Armed Forces.



Second conference "Dinstance learning in the Ministry of defence and Serbian Armed Forces"

2012-DSC_0258 Second conference "Distance learning in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces" was held at the annex hall of the Topcider Guard on December 12th. The meeting was attended by the chancellor of the University of Defence Lt. Gen. Miodrag Jevtic MD, head of the Military Academy Maj. Gen. Mladen Vuruna, head of the School of National Defense Mile Jelic, Chief of the Strategic Planning Department Major General Bozidar Forca, representatives and members of the Norwegian defense system.

Rector of the University of Defence General Jevtic presented the development and the present status of the university in the defense system, it’s current position in the education system, and pointed out that today it is most profitable to invest in education. Also, the chancellor noted that the Military Academy, as well as higher-education unit of the University of Defence, with the help of partners from Norway formed the Center for Simulations and Distance Learning.

2012-DSC_0246 Certain areas that do not require practical work can be organized as courses, which are implemented via the Internet. Students follow courses from the workplace or at home, without absence from work. Training and education costs are significantly reduced. Larger number of participants can be educated, and everyone has equal opportunities for education. Furthermore, a smaller number of teachers is needed, and teachers become more accessible to students, said the rector.

Head of the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning, Col. Goran Simic, welcoming the participants at this scientific meeting, pointed out that more than 70 participants from all organizational units of the defense system were attending the conference. He particularly welcomed the guests from Norway, collaborators on a joint project, without whose support it would have been difficult to achieve the results in such a short period of time.

2012-DSC_0133 The occasion for organizing the conference was to inform the bearers of the planning and implementation of training and education in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army with the results of the project of distance learning and plans for implementation in order to improve the process of professional development and training of members of the defense system in life.

The aim of the project is introduction of distance learning to educational process and modernization of military education through the application of advanced, primarily information technologies, thus enabling distance learning as a contemporary system of class lectures.


Conference “Distance learning at Serbian MoD and Serbian Army - 2012”

On December 12 2012 Military Academy will be organizing second annual conference on e-learning. "Distance learning in Serbian MoD and Serbian Army - 2012" will take place at Topcider -  Serbian army Club ("The Guard House").
The reason for organizing this event is to inform the holders of planning and implementation functions of training and education in Serbian MoD and Serbian Army with distance learning project results, and with plans for implementation in order to improve the process of life-long professional development and training for members of Serbian MoD and Army.
The introduction of new technologies is not a decision on the use of technology, but rather a strategic decision on the future of military education systems, new methods of research and new technologies needed for the knowledge society, where professional members of MoD and Army must be involved. Experience tells us that changes come slowly. In order for changes to occur, we need a change in mindset, recognizing the value of using modern technology to change the way of thinking. This process takes time, persistence and patience.
The aim of the project implementing distance learning into the educational process of Serbian MoD and Serbian Army is modernization of educational process by means of advanced methods, particularly information technologies, and to facilitate distance learning as a contemporary way of education. This kind of education shall give military professionals an opportunity to continue their education by the end of their careers, with minimal absence from work and reduced involvement of the teaching staff. The introduction of distance learning system should enable direct involvement of military and civilian education systems in the region into the educational system. This supports the achievement of proper level of interoperability required for inclusion in the regional integration processes, and integrating the military education system into society.
Conference goals

  • Considering the role of information technology in the educational process.
  • Understanding the current state of the project "Learning in Serbian MoD and Serbian Army".
  • Understanding the location and role of the Center for Simulation and distance learning in the process of implementation.
  • Understanding the implementation of distance learning in foreign armies, as well as other educational institutions in the Republic of Serbia.
  • Reviewing the need for education and training of professional members of the Serbian Army.
  • Considering possibilities of applying modern information technology to support the educational process and training throughout the life for professional members of Serbian MoD  and Serbian Army.

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One of the reasons for starting the distance learning project is the fact that the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army are required to fulfill new missions and tasks concerning defense.

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We think that collaboration and partnership with other high education institutions in Serbia and partners from other countries and armies is the key to the project’s success.

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