Promotion of trained e-learning teachers

Uverenja-05-2013-1 On Friday, 24th May 2013, second generation of trained e-learning teachers was promoted. The event took place at the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning (Military Academy), starting at 13.30 in the presence of 14 teachers from the Military Academy, Public relations department of Serbian MoD, Department of Training and Doctrine (General Staff), Gendarmerie and 4 members of ADL center.

After giving welcoming speech, colonel Goran Simic (head of the center) gave presentation with an analysis on course implementation and course evaluation data. Participants have assessed the course with highest grade. Afterwards, colonel Simic awarded Certificates of Completion  for "Training the teachers in using the platform for distance learning" course to eligible teachers.

Training will be continued four times a year as long as there are needs for such type of teachers in MoD and Serbian Armed Forces.



ADL Director's meeting

DSC_2319 During the ADL conference in Gol, on Monday 13th of May 2013, colonel Goran Simic took part in the meeting of Chiefs of Development centers for Advanced Distributed Learning (The 2nd Annual Interim World - wide ADL Director's Meeting).

Serbian ADL Center got an officiall invitation to become a full member (ADL Partnership Lab) of the Initiative for Advanced Distributed Learning (ADLI - ADL Initiative). This is the world's leading organization, engaged in the development of standards, technologies and systems for distance learning. Membership would provide new opportunities for cooperation in distance learning (eg, access to resources, distance learning states, participation in joint projects, technical support, etc.).. This organization is comprised of 6 laboratories in the United States, and one lab in Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Romania and South Korea.

After the welcoming speech given by lieutant-colonel Atle Johnsen, Chief of Norwegian Centre, Mrs. Dr. Kristy Murray, president of the ADLI informed participants on current activities, plans and gave an introduction to the meeting. After that, the leaders of all the centers had reports on the their results and work: LtCdr Geir Isaksen for the Norwegian Centre, Mr. Jonathan Poltrack, Mr. Rovy Branon and Mr. Steve Hicks for centers in the U.S. and Dr. Jesus V. Flores Morfin for Latin America and Caribbean region center.

The meeting continued with a focus on projects that are being implemented and the plans for the two-year period.


Participation at annual ADL conference in Gol

DSC_2319 Serbian working group consisted of col Goran Simic, head of Center for simulations and distance learning, Radojka Milicevic, course administrator at Center for simulations and distance learning, and Aaron Presnall, representative of the Jefferson institute - project implementer in Serbia, had participated in annual ADL conference which took place from 14 to 16 of May 2012, in Norway.

The three day conference offered plenty of presentations and great opportunity for participants to learn about current trends in e-learning and technology achievements that support it.

Members of Finnish Armed Forces gave a presentation of great importance for our ADL center. The presentation was about experiences in using Moodle software for developing distance learning platform. Another interesting part of presentation was the one with using templates in producing courses for Moodle platform, thus enhancing speed and quality of electronic courses production process.

The key aspect for further ADL development in Serbian MoD and Armed forces was recognized through the MASLO project dealing with mobile learning.


Visit of National Training Center delegation

Sektor_za_VS_MUP-a_800_x_531 On April 26 Center for Simulation and distance learning conducted a brigade level simulation exercise. The exercise was observed by representatives of the National Training Center of Emergency Situations at the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

The aim of the visit was to discuss the possible forms of cooperation between the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning and the National Training Center in the fields of simulations and distance learning.

The general conclusion is that the cooperation between the centers can be realized at multiple levels through:

  • implementation of joint simulation exercises,
  • providing professional and technical support to the National Training Center of Emergency Situations in the development of electronic courses,
  • providing services in the training of personnel of the National Training Center of Emergency Situations to use the platform for distance learning in Serbian MoD and
  • hosting electronic courses for National Training Center of Emergency Situations on the platform for distance learning in Serbian MoD.

Visit to Ukraine

A three-member Norwegian-Serbian delegation: Poseta_Ukrajini

  • Colonel Goran Simic, Head of the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning, Military Academy, Republic of Serbia,
  • Major Atle Svendsen, Advisor on Defense Security Sector Reform, Norwegian MoD and
  • PhD Aaron Presnall, Director of the Jefferson Institute, Belgrade

visited National Defence University Ukraine (NDUU) in Kiev on 24 April 2013 with the aim of finding the possibilities of cooperation in the field of distance learning. The delegation was received by Colonel Oleksandr Chornoknyzhnyy, Deputy Head of the Information Technology Institute, NDUU. After the formal reception major Maksym Tyshchenko, Head of ADL Laboratory, presented the results and plans in the field of advanced distributed learning development.


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One of the reasons for starting the distance learning project is the fact that the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army are required to fulfill new missions and tasks concerning defense.

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We think that collaboration and partnership with other high education institutions in Serbia and partners from other countries and armies is the key to the project’s success.

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