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NTG_Belgija_2013_800_x_533 Colonel Goran Simic participated in 83rd meeting of NATO Training Group (NTG) as part of operational subgroup for Individual Training and Development (NTG TG IT&ED) through the Partnership for Peace program. The meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium at the club Prince Albert from 2 to 6 March 2014. The meeting was attended by representatives from 22 countries: 2 participants from the Military Staff of the European Union, one participant from scientific research organizations, participants from 7 countries in the Partnership for Peace (Serbia, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden) and 26 participants from 13 member states of NATO.

The host was Colonel Raymond Gauthier Deputy Chief of the Directorate of Education in the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Belgium.

The meeting adopted the report about previous meeting held on September 2013. in the UK and presented all participants with some new members. Participants also talked about activities related to e-learning in their states, current and upcoming projects and presented research results in the field of e-learning.

The meeting was very productive and useful, not only because of information obtained on various projects, activities, and a review of scientific research in e-learning, but also through the establishment of relationships and inter-confidence.

Conclusions of the meeting of interest to the Serbian side are:
• agreed to exchange electronic materials on a voluntary basis between the participating countries through sharing repositories on the Internet with assigned account privileges (Serbia will offer its two courses);
• obtained the source code of the application RUSSEL designed for the preparation and packaging of electronic courses to SCORM formatted archive files;
• collected data on the state, new trends, and future plans for the development of training and education in NATO and partner countries;
• affirmatively presented the development of distance learning and its implementation in military education and training in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia.

The next meeting is scheduled for the fall of 2014. and will be held in Estonia.

Serbian MoD has agreed to host this meeting in the fall of 2015.


Visit to Ukraine

Ukr1 During the period 27th to 30th of January of 2014, Kiev, Ukraine, hosted trilateral talks with representatives of the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Ukraine.

The delegation of the Kingdom of Norway consisted of Atle Svendsen, head of Distance Learning Programs and Lieutenant Colonel Arne Broberg, head of the Center for Distance Learning at the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway. The Republic of Serbia was represented by Colonel Goran Simic, head of the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning at the Military Academy. The hosts had participants from the Institute of Information Technology at the University of Defense.

The main topic was planning the cooperation in the field of distance learning. Norwegian side is the initiator and donor, while the Serbian side was responsible for providing technical assistance.



Promotion of the electronic book on bioterrorism

Bioterorizam-Sto The book "Bioterrorism - Prevention and Response" by prof . PhD Elizabeta Ristanovic, first electronic edition in the defense system was presented on January 22 in the ceremonial hall of the Serbian Army. This multimedia electronic monograph contains the topics to be covered within the classes of subject "Bioterrorism" at the Military Academy of the University of Defence.

The presentation was attended by over 400 visitors including representatives from the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of Internal Affairs, foreign military representatives accredited in Serbia, the cadets of the Military Academy and numerous friends and guests.

The book was created in cooperation of the University of Defence, Military Academy, "Defense" Media Center and the Jefferson Institute. The book was presented by prof. PhD Dragan Simeunovic, prof. PhD Branko Krga, Major General prof. PhD  Mladen Vuruna, Lt. General prof. PhD Miodrag Jevtic and the author. Two musical intermezzos were performed by members of the group "Legends", Professor Nikola Rackov at the piano and Oliver Njego, celebrated opera singer.

Professor Simeunovic pointed out that the book will find its place not only in universities but also in other institutions. He stressed that if the knowledge of the world unite, we can defeat such evil as terrorism where a handful of extreme people poses a threat for billions.

Professor Krga pointed out that the electronic edition of the book is a kind of avant-garde, and that the form in which it was issued shall become a regular practice. Due to the timeliness and importance of the global problem of bioterrorism it can be expected that this publication will be translated into several languages.

Bioterorizam-Promo The author Professor Elizabeta Ristanovic, presented the book through two electronic courses on the Platform for distance learning, emphasizing the support of the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning, the Jefferson Institute and experts from The Kingdom Of Norway.

Head of the Military Academy, Major General Mladen Vuruna, praised the work of Professor Ristanovic and pointed out that the electronic edition of the book completely fits into the future plans of the Military Academy.

Rector of the University of Defence, Lieutenant General Miodrag Jevtic, said that the professor Ristanovic had enough strength and courage to cope with such a complicated topic as bioterrorism. He added that the University of Defence shows a commitment to introduce the most modern teaching standards related to distance learning, as well as the further development of international and regional academic cooperation and strengthening national capacity.



Promotion of trained e-learning teachers

Another generation of electronic courses teachers was promoted at the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning of National Defense School, Military academy.

Head of the Center for Simulation and distance learning Colonel Goran Simic presented the results in presence of associates and trainees. Students have evaluated course organization and implementation with the highest grades.

Certificates of completion of training the teachers in use of the platform for distance learning were presented to 21 members of the defense system.



ADL conference 2013

Gosti Third annual conference "Distance Learning in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces" took place on December 13 2013 at the Center for Simulation and Distance Learning (CSDL) of the National Defence School,  Military Academy. The conference was attended by Deputy Minister for Human Resources Jovan Mijakovic, Rector of the University of Defence Lt. Gen. prof. PhD Miodrag Jevtic, head of the Military Academy Major General prof. PhD Mladen Vuruna, Chief of the National Defence School Colonel Mile Jelic, representatives of The Kingdom of Norway and members of the defense system.

Rector of the University of Defence General Jevtic stressed the importance of investing in education and highlighted the benefits that distance learning can provide in the process.

Konferencija Head of the Center for Simulation and distance learning Colonel Goran Simic, pointed out that more than 70 participants from all organizational units of the defense system registered for the conference. He presented the achievements, current activities and future plans.

Significant results were achieved during 2013:

  • Through the courses offered by Center for Simulation and Distance Learning 85 members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces were successfuly trained for the implementation of distance learning in teaching and training processes.
  • CSDL has developed a multimedia materials on distance learning in the form of e- lessons in order to introduce e-learning to whole of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army.
  • A promotional campaign on distance learning was conducted.
  • Fifteen electronic courses were developed, three of which are for the purposes of the United Nations.
  • Members of CSDL took active part in international activities related to distance learning. Based on the results achieved, CSDL received an official invitation for cooperation from ADL Initiative, the world's leading organization in the field of distance learning.
  • Application for mobile learning has been developed.



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One of the reasons for starting the distance learning project is the fact that the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army are required to fulfill new missions and tasks concerning defense.

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We think that collaboration and partnership with other high education institutions in Serbia and partners from other countries and armies is the key to the project’s success.

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