The first "Train for Trainers" course in Belgrade

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The first "Train for Trainers" course was held in Belgrade from 04 to 07 June 2018 within the framework of Regional cooperation activities in the field of distance learning (RADLI - Regional ADL Initiative).

The training topic was the preparation of "Training Needs Analysis" as a key activity in organizing and conducting military education and training. Special attention has been paid to defining the main goals and plan, respecting pedagogical and didactic-methodical principles, all with the aim of improving the quality of education and training.

Course was implemented by members of the Norway University Defense College and participants were members of the University of Defense of the MoD of Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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By combining lectures, plenary discussions, group work, assignments and individual presentations, the trainers greatly motivated the participants in training to better apply the presented approaches in their analysis plans and present their experiences and suggestions.

All participants of the training expressed great gratitude to the lecturers and pointed out that they are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the training in the autumn in Ohrid.


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Certificates of courses completed 2017

dodela uverenja 2017 goran i radojka On December 26, 2017, at 13.00 hours, in the central hall of the Department for Simulation and Distance Learning at the School of National Defense of the University  of Defense, certificates were handed to members of the Ministry of Defense R. Serbia who have completed courses to use the distance learning platform.

In 2017, 19 members graduated from the mid-level course, while the advanced course level was completed by three members of the Ministry of Defense. Certificates were delivered by the Head of the Department for Simulation and Distance Learning, Colonel Goran Shimic, who greeted all present and presented a short analysis of the training in 2017.

dodela uverenja 2017 milisavljevic dodela uverenja 2017 svi Colonel Shimic emphasized the very high level of student motivation to use acquired knowledge in the use of the distance learning platform in teaching and training. Special emphasis was placed on the team atmosphere during the duration of the training and motivation of students to apply acquired knowledge in the field of distance learning in creating electronic courses from their field.


2nd RADLI (Regional Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative) Conference, Nov 16 2017, Belgrade

gosti kod zastava 2017

On No gen vuruna otvara skup 2017 vember 16 2017, Center for Simulation and Distance Learning (hereinafter CSDL) hosted seventh conference on distance learning. Owing to participants from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, it was a regional conference in the same time. Our colleagues from Norway also participated as always, from the very beginning of ours joint venture in area of eLearning.
The Rector of the University of Defense, major general Mladen Vuruna opened the conference and welcomed all the participants whishing them to have a good time and productive work during the conference.

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After formal opening participants can hear and see lot of new information. How regional countries organize and perform their military education and training, what are they goals, main objectives and plans and finally, how they use different kind of contemporary IT technologies to improve these processes. Representatives of Norway pointed out that his country has been strongly supporting a regional cooperation in the field of distance learning and that it will continue in 2018.


The second part of a conference was focused on the good practices in distance learning: Norwegian presentation “ELearning – it works!” opened the session challenging the auditorium with pro et contra pedagogical aspects of traditional and contemporary (e)learning approaches. Next presentations showed different experiences how eLearning could, in the same time, improve the quality of education and training, and spare the time and money for both the learners and the teachers.

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In addition, the 1st RADLI steering board meeting was held during the conference. On behalf of RADLI Working Group, Col Šimić reported on 2017 regionaln tasks realizaiton and plans for 2018.

Steering board members accepted the report and agreed about signing of Memorandum of RADLI cooperation, pointing out the satisfaction about the cooperation development and looking forward for further achievements.


secenje torte 2017 svi ucesnici skupa 2017


Regional Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative - Training for regional representatives

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Under regional cooperation in the field of distance learning (so called RADLIRegional Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative) Center for Simulations & Distance Learning, Military Academy (CSDL) organized intensive training for regional representatives in area of distance learning. It was held from May 29 to June 02 2017. There were 6 trainees – representatives from Slovenia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2 from each country).  How to use distance learning platform as teachers and content creators was the main objective of training.

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All persons have successfully mastered the tasks of this intensive training, which provides the prerequisites for the future cooperation and joint engagement in the development of electronic content of interest to the all four countries.


Meeting of the Regional Initiative for Advanced Distributed Learning at the Military Academy (09.03.2017.)

regionalni izaslanik i talijan

At the Centre for Simulations and Distance learning at the National Defense School (NDS) of the Military Academy, the initial meeting of the regional initiative for advanced distributed learning was held. The meeting was opened by Colonel Miroslav Talijan, Head of NDS who underlined the importance of cooperation in the field of advanced distributed learning and the outstanding results in this area so far achieved by the Military Academy and the Centre for Simulations and Distance learning.

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Colonel Goran Shimic, head of the Centre for Simulations and Distance learning was host and moderator of the meeting. In addition to representatives of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, the meeting was attended by representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Norway and the Jefferson Institute.

During the meeting, the Working Group of the regional initiatives was established and concrete tasks for 2017 defined, including the development of official documents which outline the framework for cooperation, training of personnel to use the distance learning system and further joint development of electronic materials. These documents and tasks have set a firm foundation for future regional cooperation in the field of advanced distributed learning.

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One of the reasons for starting the distance learning project is the fact that the members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Army are required to fulfill new missions and tasks concerning defense.

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We think that collaboration and partnership with other high education institutions in Serbia and partners from other countries and armies is the key to the project’s success.

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